An Internet connected computer is all you need to enjoy BofA Online Banking. There are many services you can enjoy through this system of banking

Here are few of the services you will enjoy.

Confirm your existing and obtainable balances.Evaluate your account history and dealings.Check and collect your bank statements online. Receive payments from your customers.Make payments to merchants.Make bill payments electronically, Set and get account alerts for text, email or phone. all that with

On the other hand, you can manage your accounts, pay and transfer funds, mange credit card budget and track your budget as well as carry out mobile banking via BofA Online Banking.

Banking Security Guarantee

As a matter of fact, for the seventh successive year, BofA was named the best as far as online banking security is concerned. This award was granted to Bank of America as a result of the bank’s constant performance in all areas of online security every year in addition to the exceptional fraud prevention outstanding performance.

Your Responsibility to Ensure a Safe Online Banking

  • - As proprietors and consumers, ensure that you check your statement of account on a regular basis and report any illegal or unauthorized transactions.
  • - Do everything possible to keep your ID and Passcode safe from any unauthorized person. Keep away from sharing your bank information with anybody as you will be liable for any illegal transaction carried out as a result of this.
  • - During any banking section, do not leave your mobile device or computer unattended to because anything can transpire within that short time. Make sure you log out when you are through with any transaction.


You are guaranteed secure online banking, if you can abide by these simple rules to the latter. In order not to miss out any instruction or security guidelines, you must go through the service concerning online banking agreement.

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